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Dementia Series, Ch. 5 | Dementia or Aging Respite Care Support

What is respite care?

Respite care is temporary care in an assisted living/memory care community setting or an in-home care providing care for someone who has a chronic illness, dementia diagnosis, mobility issues - either requiring around the clock care providing needed support and relief for the caregiver. Especially in Northwest Florida and Lower Alabama right now after Hurricane Sally, there are a lot of people in our area who are without power, running clean water, healthy and edible food, safe environment, etc. Respite care is a great temporary care option that provides all inclusive care, meals in a safe, community setting.


Common reasons to use respite care (especially if loved one has dementia and is unsafe at home):

  • Emergency care needed because it's unsafe at home due to natural disaster, etc.

  • To try it out, because things at home are not working and caregiver needs a break.

  • Loved one has dementia and needs personalized care to unique needs.

  • Socialization and daily routine of activities to fit needs of person needing care.

  • Help a loved one ease into permanent senior living by trying out on a trial basis.


The most important benefit of utilizing respite care for dementia loved ones, whether it is for a short term (5-7) day trial run at a time or a month at a time, is that this time allows caregivers manage their own personal life. Also, allows the individual who gets respite to in an cared for and social environment. Taking a break from being a caregiver to focus on yourself, other responsibilities like a spouse and kids is key to keeping a healthy lifestyle while caring for a loved one.

How to find respite care in NWFL?

Contact: Laura Cassell, Certified Dementia Practitioner and

Gerontologist in Northwest Florida

Phone: 850-723-6484

I'm up-to-date on which facilities are currently accepting respite care and have availability after hurricane sally. Most assisted living/memory care facilities allow respite stays to range anywhere from a 3-day weekend stay to a month of time to receive all-inclusive care, meals and social activities for a loved one in need. The cost ranges from a daily rate starting anywhere from $130/day to $250/day in the NW Florida area. Signing a respite agreement at a community is not a year contract or doesn't even have to be a monthly contract depending on the community. It can be utilized in a time of emergency to get the care your loved one needs if being at home at that time is not an option because of safety or illness worsening. Please reach out if you would like to learn more about respite care options in the Northwest Gulf Coast of Florida. I'd be happy to help arrange tours and explain the all inclusive care provided.

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