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Assisted Living's in FL | LNS Specialty License

Part 3 in the blog series, described the different types of Assisted Living Facility (ALF) Licenses that operate in the State of Florida.

To recap:

All Assisted Living Facilities (ALF's) start with a Standard License (#1) and the additional licenses are added to meet specific care needs. Limited Nursing Services (#2), Extended Congregate Care (#3), Limited Mental Health Services (#4)

In Part 3 of this blog series I'll be discussing the qualifications of the LNS Speciality license in Florida Assisted Living Facilities (ALF). If an ALF in Florida would like to provide any services beyond those allowed in the standard license, it must acquire a “specialty” license. These licenses allow the ALF to accept residents who need more advanced nursing or mental health care.


Limited Nursing Services (LNS)

Limited Nursing Services (LNS): A limited nursing services (LNS) specialty license enables an ALF to provide, directly or through contract, a select number of nursing services in addition to the personal services that are authorized by the standard license. The nursing services authorized to be provided under this license may only be provided as authorized by a licensed practitioner’s order. An LNS licensee is subject to monitoring inspections by the AHCA or its agents at least twice a year.

ALF holding an LNS license shall:

Maintain written progress report on each person describing the type, amount, duration, scope and outcome of services provided. Also, to describe in detail the general status of residents health in written format.


Criteria For LNS Services in Florida:

An ALF with a limited nursing services license provides the basic services of an assisted living facility as well as additional nursing services.

  • Nursing assessments

  • Care and application of routine dressings

  • Care of casts, braces, and splints

  • Administration and regulation of portable oxygen

  • Catheter, colostomy, and ileostomy care and maintenance

  • Application of cold or heat treatments, passive range of motion exercises, ear and eye irrigations


I'm a local Geriatric Care Manager and Certified Dementia Practitioner in NW Florida. I'm an expert in aging care solutions able to guide you to find the best care options for your loved one whether that is getting care in the home or finding a care housing solution in your budget and in your desired location. I can help you find the right assisted living facility for you or your loved one's care needs.

Laura Cassell, CDP

Geriatric Care Manager and Gerontologist in NWFL

Phone: 850-723-6484

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